Oral Conscious Sedation Instructions

Before Treatment:

Take all medications as directed.

Take the first prescribed medication at bedtime the night prior to your treatment appointment, as directed, and take the second prescribed medication 30 minutes prior to your appointment time while fasting. It is the combination of the two medications that gives you the desired effect for your treatment.

Female Patients: If you are, or think that you might be pregnant, DO NOT take these medications.

You must provide us with a current list of all of the medications that you are taking and the reason for each medication, including natural/organic and herbal medication.  It may be necessary for us to obtain medical clearance from your primary care physician prior to being able to prescribe sedation medications.

The morning of your appointment you will need to be fasting prior to treatment.  Please do not eat or have any caffeine for 6 hours prior to your appointment.  If you are diabetic then specific fasting instructions may need to be tailored depending on blood sugar levels and the stability of your diabetic condition.

You MUST have an escort drive you to and from your appointment.

After Treatment:

It is necessary for you to re-hydrate your body.  You should drink fluids for the remainder of the day and should try to have something as soon after the procedure as you are able.

Because you were fasting this morning, we also recommend that you have something to eat immediately after the procedure.

Please understand that you are not to operate a vehicle while under this medication, this includes the remainder of the day.

You should defer any responsible or complicated tasks or any decisions requiring fine judgement for the remainder of the day.

You will need to refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverages for two days following treatment.

You will be tired the remainder of the day and you are requested to rest.